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The International Experience

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LSUA has international advisors. And it's amazing because some of them speak Spanish. Some of them have another language, and that helps a lot because I could understand way more why I needed those classes that I didn't want to take but I really needed.

So I think there's over about 30 countries here. How diverse this campus has become is fantastic in just the four years. It's allowed me to experience different cultures I might not have experienced. I've never been to Australia, South Africa-- I've met people from there. Same with South America. I've been able to kind of get a taste of their lifestyle and without even going to the country.

The admission process for me was long because I'm international. There's a lot of papers to do. But I never felt alone about it. I never felt that I was lost because there was someone from admissions. They would email me. They will Skype me. And every question that I had they would email me right back the same day. That was really, really awesome.

I think LSUA has done a phenomenal job of accommodating our international population. You see a global cafeteria for example. You see the development of the multicultural festival to celebrate all cultures local and international and facilitate that integration. So that's been an amazing experience for our students.