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Student Success


The LSUA advisors have really helped me by just being there for me and constantly emailing me, telling me to come meet with them that way we can schedule classes or just even look at semesters ahead of you just to know like when you'll be able to graduate. And they're just really on the same page as you, and that's what I love about the advisors.

The Center of Academic Success and Orientation is a department that's there for students to give them different resources and alternative strategies for them to succeed academically and also too in campus life in getting involved.

We have supplemental instruction where students can be leaders on campus, and take their skills, and give them and share them back to other students. Also, we have tutoring. We have math, biology, and chemistry tutoring.

Depending on the student's disability, we do have multiple ADA accommodations for them such a video recording, a note taker. And also the campus itself is handicap accessible.

Most resources that I probably used was the library for the databases they have, all the computers that we have on campus. I've used the writing center plenty of times. That's something where if you go and you bring them a paper-- if you're not sure about how to start it or if you're confused about grammar and anything like that, you can go to that writing center. And they'll actually turn this paper into a grade A paper. So whatever assistance you need, they have all these resources that are strictly available for us.