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LSUA has many sports, and I'm quite confident to say we're very good at all of them. I'm part of the women's soccer team. But when we're off-season, we support every single team. We try to go to every single game.

Also, we try to be there for the club teams. We have golf, rodeo, rugby and cheerleading. It's a really big community and a big family that we try to be there for each sport.

The intramural sports at LSUA is a fun thing because we don't have many, but we do have flag football. We have some basketball. It was just fun to see the different level of talent and just the heart that everyone plays with.

But on the fan side, it's just-- I'm not going to say craziness, but it's the most fun you'll probably ever have. You'll sit there. You'll just have a blast. You'll meet so many different people. You'll actually get to meet the team. You're going to meet a lot of friends, and you're honestly just going to have a great time. it's like one of the best things, and it's something you actually have to experience for yourself.

We have NAIA by our name, but the biggest part about LSUA is that they hold us to a higher standard. So we run things here differently. We have Division 1 transfers. We have Division 1 coaches. We have Division 1 administrative assistants. We have Division 1 professors. So I just want to say if you're thinking about choosing LSUA that you'll always be making the right choice. And this university will welcome you with open arms and help to build you into something that you never imagined you could be.