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Student Life




Well, the residence life at LSUA is probably one of the funnest parts here because when I remember my freshman year and sophomore year staying at the Oaks Residence Hall-- full apartments, full kitchens, living room. You got bathrooms. So it's a very safe environment, and they make sure you're having fun but you're not going overboard.

On campus we had the BCL, which is the Baptist Collegiate Ministry. We also have the CSO, which is the Catholic Student Organization. We have G4, which is General's grab, grill, and go. We have Mulder Hall, the library, Starbucks. And all these places are places that as students as we can all get together, form study groups, and go hang out, and have fun as well.

There's a million different clubs here. And if you're someone who's motivated in that aspect of the university, you can always bring up an idea to start this organization, and you can be a CEO of that organization. And the university will back you and fund you behind that.

Some of my favorite LSUA traditions would have to be the crawfish boil. It's centered right there in the middle of campus, which we call the Quad. It's sponsored by the student government, and it's pounds of crawfish cooked for students to enjoy. Another tradition, which is Trick or Treat Street-- thousands of kids come out just for us to hand them candy. And we dress in these nice costumes.

And we also have the athletic meet and greet. And it's for students as well as the community to come out and just meet who our athletic department is. And they'll watch them do games and dunk contests. And it's just a live event for students to really get involved with who they see and watch all the time.