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The classes at LSUA are definitely a little smaller. And I really like that because it allows me to be closer with my professor. And I'm not afraid to ask any questions. And I'm able to just build relationships with the students around me. And just learn more about them.

Yes, I'm involved with the Honors Program. I'm actually the Vice President. So that means I get to work closely with faculty members that goes along with us. And it's been steadily increasing as more people enroll.

It's not just people from America Reads. I mean, there's a lot of international support on it as well. So we can get an aspect from different cultures, different nationalities.

I was able to do an internship. And I got to do social media, posting, stuff like that. Things that go towards my degree. And I learned a lot from that.

Right now, we're a record number of internships. And we make sure that there's a process behind it. And the businesses in our community are really pleased with the results and the quality of the students that we're placing.

So my experience with research here has been a fantastic one. I was able to pursue and study something that I feel quite strongly about. It made me work harder for what I wanted to do.

But here, they pushed us, which, when it comes down to it, when I want to go into the higher education, I'll be experienced into having have to deal with things like that.